Texture is used with great effect in the studio, which includes a wide range of products mainly aimed at vertical surfaces: walls, doors and furniture. With materials such as travertine, glass, gesso and jesmonite combined with some deeply luxurious finishes, provide a context and add information to the sculptural quality of a space.

The weft and the warp, ribbed and gnarled, pitted and uneven, textures of :fabric, earthenware, wood and stone. A surface that is not still but in constant reaction, full of energy and balancing light from every crevice.

Textures make statements, all texture in Nature has a message for us, about how the material has formed and how it survives. Natural textures can be geometric and follow ruthless patterns of symmetry, or be apparently random and chaotic. Take the example of the history concealed in the petrified violence of Basalt; an igneous rock all dressed up and innocent in matt black, or the curvaceous layered scales of the Plane tree shedding contamination as they fall.