With an array of beautiful reflective materials here at as1 , we have to focus on glass as the principal hero. The glass collection is comprised of: verre églomisé, slumped glass, sandblasted and polished glass. The use of glass is increasing in architecture and design, with new technology opening new exciting environmental benefits and there are some truly imaginative and beautiful uses for this versatile material. Also in the reflective section are the metal based finishes and products, like the hammered metal sheet tiles, or liquid metal finishes.

The églomisé collection features some of the finest precious metals water gilded behind glass, combining painting, sandblasting and polsishing techniques.

Platinum leaf with hidden depths revealed in the liquid reflections of the glass, palladium has a silvery white efficiency given a warm glow from its gold ochre backing colour.

Fabulous Copper with everything from blush pink to russet, Cinibar to chestnut playing across its patinated surface.

The slumped glass freezes shapes and textures into its watery depths and the gilded background reflects it all back to us. The slumped glass collection works as small jewellry box fragments , or in large panels especially effective around water and light.

The reflection is as ‘..a moving image of eternity’ – Plato.