‘The whole to the longer equals the longer to the shorter, so the inverse is also true – the shorter to the longer equals the longer to the whole.’

Sometimes there is only one way to do things and the geometry of Nature certainly provides us with plenty of examples of this rule.

Line, colour,texture and reflections are woven through all the work coming out of the studio.

The geometric designs that occur in the painted stone floors or sheets of sandblasted glass, the tessellating shapes, the trompe l’oeil effects all come from understanding point and line.
Under the projects section it can be seen the development of drawing to final project, whether it is a mural or a three dimensional object.

Although the techniques and knowledge which govern these designs are all well documented the studio is always looking for new ways to express these concepts with the modern technology and materials which are available. These classical lines are made to fit in with modern interiors and help create some harmony, everything looks better with some symmetry.