The study of colour is one of the foundation elements from which all the work at the studio is based. As part of the services offered by the studio a complete colour consultancy is available, providing historical research if required or creating colour schemes for any project.

Colour is critical in creating effects that simulate natural materials, as seen in the transformation of plaster into crocodile skin or concrete into snakeskin.

Colour can also alter our perception and mood, changing a colour value can add height to, or draw in a space. The science of colour is used to sell, to protect and inspire us; there will be a colour for everyone and they are all here as1london.

In the beginning colour was used with spiritual rites, certain colours had sacred value and this empowered the objects or people it adorned. From the Neolithic Quartz White and Blue-Green Variscite to the Lapiz and Gold that leaked Westwards from Mesopatamia, each colour existing in its own cultural context but also with its own universal understanding.

Colours that give back light are warm and advance towards us: sunlight, amber, ruby these are all active colours. Those colours which absorb light back away from us Porphyry, violet and blue are cold, passive colours. Colour is a powerful tool in the workshop of the studio and the learning is never finished.